Shark Tank

Watch these entrepreneurs 'Roominate' on their Shark Tank success

With a mission to empower young girls, Alice Brooks and Bettina Chen have found the blueprint for success. They created the construction set Roominate, which teaches building and engineering skills to get kids excited about science and tech.

A lot has happened since Alice and Bettina sealed their Shark Tank deal with Mark Cuban. Roominate hit the shelves in 800 Walmart stores across the country and online, their team has grown from two to eight, and they've moved into their own headquarters, which we're guessing are impeccably designed. And as if that isn't enough, they've also created the Roominate app.

But let's talk sales.

Pre-Shark Tank, the company pulled in $1.7 million, and with Mark's help, that number has surged to $4.5 million. Add in their sales from Walmart and they'll need Roominate to help figure out a way to hold all that cash.

Sounds like the team behind Roominate isn't only building a future for themselves, but for the next generation of builders, innovators and engineers.

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