aruliden Hires Helen Steed Of Glossier

NEW YORK, Nov. 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- aruliden, a NYC based award-winning brand strategy and design innovation agency, is excited to announce the appointment of Helen Steed as agency VP, Creative Director. This hire will continue to move aruliden towards the highest echelons of creative thought and design leadership as it better serves its clients.

aruliden co-founder, Rinat Aruh explains; "As a creative leader today you need to look to a variety of innovative methodologies to become relevant – product, brand, and even business model innovation – it's essential to engage with the new generation in meaningful ways. Going beyond just being a great brand or product ". She continues; "Helen brings her 25+ years to lead the aruliden brand and product design teams creatively in the capacity of VP, Creative Director.

Steed hails from the lifestyle, fashion + beauty worlds having been VP, Creative Director most recently at Glossier where she helped build a new kind of beauty company from the ground up together with the founding team and CEO. Prior to that she led the creative of Bumble and bumble and Jawbone. Originally from London, Steed brings a unique vision to the agency with her substantial resume and proven experience. Steed says; "I'm a problem solver and nothing gives me more joy than delving deep into an issue and creatively discovering a masterful solution." Steed believes the key to success is developing a close connection to the client's brand mission and core customer beliefs while learning about the people you work with and constantly surfacing the best work. Steed's tenure at the agency begins December 2017.

aruliden is a New York City-based award-winning agency that builds brands, products and experiences across a diverse range of industries. Co-founded by Rinat Aruh and Johan Liden in 2006, aruliden's ethos is to bridge the gap between design and brand in new and groundbreaking ways. aruliden clients range from Google and Visionaire to Coty and St Regis, aruliden is internationally recognized for their branding and design work. And with a knack for beauty, current beauty clients include: Shiseido Group, Bare Minerals, Maybelline-Gigi Hadid Collection, Beauty Blende, Estee Lauder Group of brand, P&G Hair Care, Lacoste Fragrances, Hugo Boss Fragrances, Hugo Fragrance, L'Oreal Group, Coty, + MiniLuxe.

aruliden is also a founding partner of "Tools at Schools," an early education initiative that encourages design thinking and problem solving in schools. Johan and Rinat have created a diverse team that crosses cultures and disciplines. aruliden has offices in NYC and San Francisco www.aruliden.com

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