Nvidia's cryptocurrency revenue drops by more than half from prior quarter

Key Points
  • In the previous quarter, cryptocurrency revenue was around $150 million.
  • AMD's CEO said last month that she's expecting a decline in cryptocurrency demand.
Nvidia had an incredible quarter: Pro
Nvidia had an incredible quarter: Pro

Nvidia's chips have proven valuable in the mining of digital currencies like bitcoin and ethereum, but it appears that the market is experiencing some cooling.

Revenue from crypto-related products dropped by more than half to $70 million in the third quarter from $150 million in the prior period, Nvidia said on Thursday.

Cryptocurrencies have been a boon for Nvidia's graphics processing units, which are prominent in gaming and machine learning. GPUs are used by crypto miners for performing the sophisticated computing work required to accumulate currencies.

"Crypto is small for us but not zero, and I believe that crypto will be around for some time," Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said on the earnings call.

, which competes with Nvidia in the GPU market, has warned investors of slowing growth. CEO Lisa Su said last month that the company expects "some leveling-off of some of the cryptocurrency demand."

Still, Huang is optimistic about the future of Nvidia's CUDA GPUs in the crypto market as new virtual currencies emerge.

"The ideal platform for new emerging digital currencies turns out to be a CUDA GPU," he said.