You can own this Ferrari go-kart for $30,000

As the holidays near, what do you buy for the millionaire friend who already has a Ferrari?

A miniature version of their favorite ride, perhaps.

Source: CNBC

This shrunken sports car, as featured on an episode of CNBC's "Secret Lives of the Super Rich," is a two-thirds scale replica of the race-winning Ferrari 330 P2 originally built in 1965. The larger model raced on a number of well-known courses, including a win on the Nuerburgring in Germany.

The scaled-down version was created by renowned replica maker De La Chapelle, a brand founded in the 1970s by a former Venturi director who started creating Bugatti clones.

Source: CNBC

But even a mini Ferrari doesn't come cheap: The tiny car goes for $30,000.

This particular toy car features a crimson fiberglass body, steel chassis, cast aluminum wheel covers and a 2.5 horsepower engine. Every detail, down to the upholstery and headlights, was hand-picked by its original owner.

Source: CNBC

Unlike its inspiration, this tiny kart won't be winning any races, however. It can only reach speeds up to 25 mph. Not too shabby for a toy, though — if you can even consider this one.

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