Holiday Gift Guide

20 great holiday gifts under $25

Source: Walmart

Holiday season is almost here. And, with major outlets rolling out deals, it's time to kick your gift-giving into high gear.

Whether you're shopping for a few friends or a big staff, or just for a collection of stocking-stuffers, we've got you covered. Check out these 20 budget-conscious gifts for $25 or under:

A photo display set

Bundle Monster Wall Deco DIY Paper Photo Frame with Mini Clothespins and Stickers - Fits 4"x 6" Pictures (1, Multi-color).

Price: $4.62

Buy now: DIY photo display set

Photos work on paper, too? Yes, they do! And you can show off your best snaps with this DIY photo display kit, no screens necessary. It comes with frames, mini clothespins and stickers.

A pair of headphones

AmazonBasics In-Ear Headphones with Flat Cable and Universal Mic - Black.

Price: $4.99

Buy now: In-ear headphones

You can't go wrong with a sleek pair of matte, black in-ear headphones. They're a podcast's dream date.

A set of map pins


Price: $6

Buy now: Map pins

Instagrams aren't the only way to preserve memories. An avid traveler might appreciate a collection of these map pins to remember their journeys.

A reusable Starbucks travel cup

Starbucks Reusable Travel Coffee Cup To Go , 16 Ounce Grande.
Shawn M. Carter | NBCU

Price: $8.95

Buy now: Reusable travel cup

You could be drinking homemade coffee in this grande-sized reusable cup. But no one has to know that.

A fidget cube

Price: $9.99

Buy now: Fidget cube

Some experts say distraction can enhance productivity. Plus, doesn't this little cube you can play with at work just look cool?

A mini plant

Gold geometric air plant holder, modern mini planter.

Price: $10 and up

Buy now: Mini planter

Maybe your office doesn't have any windows, but this little guy could warm the place up.

A pair of Maki socks

Maki Socks - Salmon.
Uncommon Goods

Price: $14

Buy now: Maki socks

Everyone likes sushi and everyone needs socks, so this pair is a match made in heaven.

A knitted beverage cozy

Price: $5.40

Buy now: Knitted beverage cozy

Warm beverage, warm hand. And, with winter coming, that's a win-win.

An iPhone X phone case

Qpika Ultra Slim Colorful Vintage Skin PC Hard Case Cover For iPhone X (Black).

Price: $1.39

Buy now: iPhone X case

What good is an iPhone X without a case? After all, for the price of the phone, you could have seen Billy Joel live in concert 10 times or cruised through the Caribbean. It's wise to protect the investment.

A book about money

Suze Orman speaking at the eMerge Americas conference in Miami on June 12, 2017.
David A. Grogan | CNBC

Price: $10.54

Buy now: The Laws of Money

Everyone can stand to learn a little more about money. Financial expert and former CNBC host Suze Orman's book "The Laws of Money" can help.

A productivity app

Productivity mobile application Forest, by Seekrtech.
Apple Inc.

Price: $1.99

Buy now: Forest app

Because apps can be gifts, too. Help someone stay focused and productive with Forest, by Seekrtech.

A popcorn popper

Microwave Popcorn Popper.
Uncommon Goods

Price: $14.99

Buy now: Microwave Popcorn Popper

Instead of that second cup of coffee, try eating popcorn out of what looks like a coffee pot you can put in the microwave.

A stainless steel-soap bar

Stainless Steel Soap - hand Odor Remover bar - Eliminating Smells Like Onion, Garlic, Fish, and Other Strong Scents from Hands and Skin kitchen gadgets.

Price: $7.99

Buy now: Stainless steel soap bar

Add some distinguished-looking décor to the bathroom, or anywhere, with this stainless-steel soap bar. Supposedly, a creative environment can lead to creative output, no matter where you're working.

A keychain charger

Price: $13.99

Buy now: A keychain charger

Now you can charge up on the go with this convenient keychain addition.

An hourglass

Price: $18.00

Buy now: An hourglass

This chic, magnetic hourglass can help you keep an eye on the time, and, like Warren Buffett, make the most of it.

A bicycle bookend

Set of 2 Cycle Bookends.
Rue La La

Price: $19.99

Buy now: Bicycle bookend

These bookends serve as a great and stylish reminder that books can take you wherever you want to go.

An avocado tree starter kit

Avocado Tree Starter Kit - Set of 3.
Uncommon Goods

Price: $20

Buy now: Avocado tree starter

They say millennials can't afford homes because young people buy too much avocado toast. But not if you save your money by growing your avocados yourself! Don't think of this gift as a tree starter kit, think of it as an investment in a future house.

A box of almond toffee

Milk Chocolate Almond Toffee.

Price: $24.95

Buy now: Almond toffee

Indulge in some crunchy milk chocolate almond toffee! If you're able to eat dairy and nuts, may as well celebrate your good fortune.

A decorative pot

Price: $25.00

Buy now: Decorative pot

This optimist pot is sure to inspire some creativity as well as good feelings about the future.

A Visa gift card

A customizable Visa gift card.

Price: $1 and up

Buy now: Visa gift card

Maybe let the people you love make their own decisions!

Disclosure: These items have been handpicked by our editorial team. CNBC has affiliate relationships with some retailers so in some cases, if you purchase an item from one of our gift guides, we may get a small share of the revenue from your purchase. This holiday season, the proceeds will be donated to the Council for Economic Education, which supports economic and financial education.

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