Amazon's cloud will reportedly make it easier to use Google's A.I. tools

Key Points
  • Amazon's cloud business is set to introduce a new service called Ironman that will make it easier for people to do artificial intelligence work involving lots of different kinds of data, according to The Information.
  • Another upcoming service will ease the use of TensorFlow, a popular software library that Google made available under an open-source license in 2015, the report said.
Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon Web Services and Infrastructure.
Source: Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is gearing up to launch more services targeted at the hot topic of artificial intelligence at its re:Invent conference in Las Vegas later this month, according to a new report.

AWS will introduce a service called Ironman that's meant to simplify AI tasks involving lots of different kinds of data, The Information said on Monday.

In addition, AWS plans to make it easier for people to use a Google-created technology called TensorFlow, an open-source framework for deep learning — a trendy type of AI that companies can use for image recognition, speech recognition, language translation and other processes. Google made TensorFlow available under an open-source license in 2015, and the library is now widely used among researchers.

AWS is the world's largest public cloud infrastructure provider, ahead of Microsoft Azure, the Google Cloud Platform and clouds from Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent. In the most recent quarter, AWS brought Amazon $4.58 billion in revenue, up 42 percent year over year.

In the domain of AI, AWS has made a commitment to an open-source deep learning library called MXNet, but at the same time it does maintain a special page about TensorFlow on its website and includes a version of TensorFlow in a suite of software that people can deploy on top of computing resources that they rent out by the second.

Google offers a cloud service that provides a managed version of TensorFlow. Additionally, Google's data centers are equipped with custom-built tensor processing unit chips that the company has said are "tailored to TensorFlow." So far AWS has not introduced any custom silicon that's meant to accelerate TensorFlow or any other kinds of AI workloads.