Shark Tank

Since 'Shark Tank,' this cricket protein bar has been 'hopping off' of shelves

Get ready to 'feed the revolution.' We're checking in with Chapul founder Pat Crowley, who, thanks to an appearance on Shark Tank, has been creeping and crawling his way towards success. After presenting to the panel in season five, Crowley made a deal with billionaire Mark Cuban for his line of energy bars made of crickets. Yes, crickets.

Since that show aired, Chapul has racked up impressive sales and is on track to hit $1.5 million. The company also closed its biggest retail deal yet, hopping onto the shelves of all 217 locations of the natural and organic grocery store Sprouts. That deal opened doors for Chapul and helped the company's cricket bars get shelf space at over 500 other stores across the US and Canada.

Crowley says he started Chapul to ensure a healthy food and water supply for future generations and thanks to his Shark Tank success, that mission is hitting home now more than ever.

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