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Look inside the 'Disneyland of pasta': This is Eataly World, the new Italian food-themed park

Here's what it's like to have breakfast at Tiffany's

They say Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth, but if you're a fan of pasta, pizza and wine, Mickey Mouse may have some serious competition in FICO Eataly World. The new Italian food-themed park opened Nov. 15 in Bologna, Italy.

The park, which is free to enter, is like the famous Eataly markets around the United States — on steroids. Eataly World has more than 45 trattorias, Michelin-starred restaurants, bistros, street-food kiosks and bars. A nearly 30,000-square-foot market space sells things like formaggio (a.k.a., cheese), cured meats and desserts. And on-premises farms and factories are dedicated to educating visitors on how food is harvested and manufactured, like how olive oil is pressed.

Here's some of what Italy's Eataly World has to offer:

FICO Eataly World

Not only can you buy and eat authentic, handmade pasta, but you can also learn all the secrets of making fresh pasta yourself in workshop.

FICO Eataly World

The same goes for cheese, like Parmigiano Reggiano, and meats, like the famous black prosciutto. There's even a shop called, "Mortadella World," dedicated to mortadella, a sausage from Bologna.

FICO Eataly World

Sample what the Italians call "dolci," or desserts.

FICO Eataly World

And don't forget the "vino."

FICO Eataly World

Eataly World also houses more than 200 live animals, from goats and sheep...

FICO Eataly World horses and pigs.

FICO Eataly World

The park also offers exclusive experiences, like dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant or truffle hunting on the park's own truffle grounds.

FICO Eataly World

The park is so big that visitors can get around on adorably quaint-looking bikes — complete with baskets to hold all your goodies.

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