Treat the chef in your life to these tools this holiday season

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Choosing the perfect gift for foodies can seem hard. You want to get them something they'll use, but you worry the master chef in your life already has everything. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools out there they probably haven't bought themselves yet.

Here are some ideas:

Pressure cook, don't cook under pressure 

Instant Pot
Source: Instant Pot

You've probably read Facebook posts about Instant Pot changing people's lives. These countertop pressure cookers have garnered somewhat of a cult following. People love them because they can perform a number of functions, such as slow cooking, sautéing and yogurt making. Plus, they can simply press a button, let the Instant Pot do its thing while they do their thing and come back to a prepared meal.

There are a number of Instant Pot models that vary in size, functions and price, but the most popular one is the Duo 6-quart. Crock-Pot introduced its own multi-cooker last month.

Price: $97.50

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Satisfy your sweet tooth 

Source: Target

Sure, the internet offers unlimited recipes, but cookbooks are still a kitchen staple. "Sweet" by superstar chef Yotam Ottolenghi offers more than 110 recipes for sweets, baked goods and confections. The collection includes dishes like rosemary olive oil orange cake, cinnamon pavlova and fresh figs and flourless chocolate layer cake with coffee, walnut and rosewater.

Price: $22.48

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Precision cooking without the hassle

Source: ChefSteps

Sous Vide involves putting food in a plastic bag, placing it in water and attaching the gadget to the side of the pot. The machine heats the water, cooking the food until it reaches the desired temperature. It promises perfect food every time.

Chefs and restaurants have apparently used these tools for years, but home cooks are adopting them more often now. Joule by ChefSteps is often recommended for its sleek, compact design. Plus, users can download a handy app that helps them set the appropriate time and temperature.

Price: $196.01

Buy now: Sous Vide Tool

Greasy food with less guilt

Source: Philips

Consumers are trying to eat healthier, but sometimes they still want french fries. Airfryers promise the same crispy coating that traditional fryers create without all the oil. They require little to no oil to function. Instead, they circulate super hot air throughout the machine.

They're becoming a popular purchase. Airfryer sales grew 265 percent to $175.4 million in the 12 months ended in September, according to NPD Group.

Philips dubs itself the original airfryer. This is the Avance Digital TurboStar, the brand's mid-price option, which features digital display.

Price: $249.99

Buy now: Airfryer

Free the cook in your life from the stovetop 

Source: Secura

Every hostess knows how stressful it can be to entertain a houseful of people and feel limited with the amount of burners at their disposable. Portable induction cooktops are a great tool to give them more options and flexibility. They can put their elves to work without getting in each other's way.

Secura's Duxtop 1,800-watt model powers between 200 and 1,800 watts and heats between 140 and 460 degrees Fahrenheit. Worried about not having enough timers in your kitchen? It has its own included.

Price: $69.99

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'Bill Nye the Science Guy' meets 'Food Network'

Source: Storebound

This machine turns the breakfast table into a science lab. The PancakeBot allows you to upload your own designs or choose from premade ones and make them into a pancake. It syncs up your choice and squirts the batter onto a griddle.

The PancakeBot was launched on Kickstarter in 2015, raising $460,000 within a month, a company spokesperson said. The idea is to get kids and adults interested in food and technology.

Price: $299.99

Buy now: PancakeBot

Pop bottles like Napoleon

Source: Amazon

Why pop a bottle of champagne when you can use a saber to open it? Legend says Napoleon Bonaparte popularized champagne sabering. He's said to have coined the phrase, "Champagne! In victory one deserves it, in defeat one needs it."

The technique involves swinging a slightly curved knife to swipe the cork out of a bottle of champagne. It has become incredibly trendy, said Brahm Callahan, master sommelier and beverage director of the Himmel Hospitality Group. He warns that practice makes perfect, so start with something reasonable before you start popping Cristal. (For that, he recommends Cantosan Brut Sparkling Rueda.)

Price: $69.99

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Get your coffee fix even when you're off the grid 

Source: Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Everyone knows that person who demands quality coffee wherever they are. This camping kit from Stumptown Coffee Roasters is the perfect gift for that person.

The high-end coffee company has become a favorite among purists. Its Wayfinder Camp Kit includes a titanium double-walled camp cup, burner, foldable spoon and dripper from outdoor brand SOTO, a bag from another outdoor brand Swift Industries, a Stumptown bandana and coffee filters.

Stumptown will also start selling its holiday blend "Slay Ride" on Nov. 22. Its 50 percent Ethiopia Washed Process Suke Quto and 50 percent Ethiopia Mordecofe with tasting notes of candied citrus and black tea.

Price: $150

Buy now: Stumptown Coffee Roasters Kit

Cut the cabinet clutter

Source: Newell Brands

Cooks covet cabinet space so they can fill the emptiness with more supplies. Pots and pans tend to clutter spaces with their mismatched sizes that don't nestle together and lids that clash and demand their own pile.

Calphalon's new Premier Space Saving pots and pans are designed to neatly stack and have flat lids to help cooks organize and maximize those precious inches. They're available in nonstick and stainless steel.

Price: $382.46

Buy now: Space Saving Pots

Brew your own beer

Source: Amazon

Give the beer lover in your life a chance to brew their own favorite with a home brewing kit.

An online search will generate plenty of results, but BrewDemon's signature beer kit comes with everything you need to make two gallons of beer in two weeks. The purchase includes all the parts, ingredients and instructions. BrewDemon uses malts brewed at Speight's, a brewery in New Zealand.

Price: $99

Buy now: DIY Beer Making Kit


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