You can learn how to play basketball from NBA star Steph Curry online for $90

Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors
Mark Sobha | NBAE | Getty Images

If you've ever wanted to drain three-pointers like Golden State Warrior star Steph Curry, now's your chance to learn.

The two-time NBA champion recently partnered with MasterClass, an online educational platform that offers classes taught by experts ranging from Serena Williams to Samuel L. Jackson, to share his basketball expertise.

"If I think about where I was when I was 13, if I had access to this type of curriculum, I would have been a much better player faster," Curry told ESPN. "It took me a while to learn how to practice and do the drills the right way. I want people to see how I invest in my game, how I train, what I do in my workouts and what's my mental approach."

Stephen Curry one of NBA's greats, but his paycheck doesn't show it

Curry's class, which goes live in early 2018, is for beginner and intermediate players. For $90, you'll get lifetime access to 15 video lessons in which Curry leads you through ball-handling, footwork and shooting drills.

You'll also get access to the workout regimens he follows during the season and offseason. But if you're looking to dunk, "then this is the wrong place to go," the 6-foot-3 point guard joked. "There is no dunking chapter."

Whether you sign up for the class or not, there's something to be said for . The wealthiest, most successful people exercise their brains and look for ways to continue learning long after any formal education is over.

Consider enrolling in a course around a topic you're interested in, attending a work-related conference or buying books.

As self-made millionaire Grant Cardone says, investing in yourself is "a-no lose deal. It will always give you a return. Nobody can take it from you. It's yours."

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