The Job Interview

Overcoming her learning disability left these interviewers speechless

What this candidate reveals leaves the interviewers impressed

In an interview, we're always taught to keep things professional, but sometimes it's better to keep it real. Sharing a personal story can be very beneficial, as one candidate learned interviewing for an assistant manager position at the child-focused swim school SwimKids.

When asked about a difficult goal that she set out for, the candidate explained how hard she has worked to overcome the challenges of dyslexia. She went from not being able to read her own name in third grade, to graduating college, which earned her a well-deserved high five from SwimKids owner Dave Tonnesen.

Suzy Welch, business journalist, best-selling author and CNBC contributor says, that telling your story through the interviewers lens will set you up for success during an interview. She advises candidates to ask themselves, "What is it about me that he or she cares about?" Be sure to be authentic. How you fit in culturally at an organization is just as important as your experience and qualifications.

The moral of the story is that while it's great to answer questions with specific career achievements, don't be scared to get a little personal.

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