Sibson Consulting: Who is Ready to Retire — or Not?

Organizations can use analytics to ensure their employees retire comfortably while also effectively managing their workforce

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- As organizations plan their workforces, it is vital for them to take the “retirement pulse” of their employees, identifying employees who are (or think they are) unable/not on track to retire, and those employees who are already financially prepared for retirement and could decide to leave.

“One key question that many organizations need to answer is where their employees stand with regard to retirement,” said Doron Scharf, senior vice president and consulting actuary with Sibson Consulting. “Qualitative and quantitative analytic techniques can identify workforce trends and issues that provide invaluable insights for organizational planning, particularly when coupled with data that is derived from an in-depth analysis of the organization’s defined contribution plan, payroll and Human Resources Information Systems.”

Sibson vice president and consulting actuary Jonathan Price added, “Understanding where potential workforce vulnerabilities exist now, or may exist in the future, will allow leaders to make more informed decisions about succession planning and restructuring.”

For more information about retirement readiness strategies for organizations, or to speak with one of our retirement consultants, please contact Todd Kohlhepp.

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