This $39 million New Jersey mansion has a 7-figure wine cellar and secret passageways

You won’t believe the super-rich secrets buried beneath this $39 million...

If you think this Morris County, N.J. homestead is stunning, then a quick trip downstairs will make your jaw drop. The $39 million mansion has millions of dollars worth of secrets tucked away below ground.

The Morris County mansion is packed full of secrets below.

One of the residence's most impressive features is a massive subterranean wine cellar that cost seven figures to create. CNBC's "Secret Lives of the Super Rich" got an exclusive look at this wine shrine for an upcoming episode.

The wine cellar was a million-dollar build.

"This wine room was a million-dollar build itself," says Whitney Didier of Douglas Elliman. It was built with bricks imported from Termoli, Italy, and has space for hundreds of bottles.

The bricks in the wine cellar are imported from Tormoli, Italy.

Among the millions of dollars worth of reds, whites and rosés currently stored inside is a pricey bottle from France: An 1870 Lafite Rothschild with a $20,000 price-tag (which is not included in the sale price of the estate).

This bottle of Lafite Rothschild is worth $20,000.

Of course, the mansion itself is impressive too. The residence features two art galleries, one of which has walls covered in fine Italian cashmere.

Another fun feature lurks behind a bookcase in the grand library — a concealed passageway that leads to the home's luxurious master suite.

The mega-home also has a covert tunnel that can deliver you to a top-secret exit. But if you want to know exactly where it goes, you'll have to write the owners a check for $39 million.

This story has been updated and revised.

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