How to get the best deals on Apple products this Black Friday

Apple CEO Tim Cook (L) takes a picture with David Casarez (R) who just purchased the new iPhone X at an Apple Store on November 3, 2017 in Palo Alto, California.
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Key Points
  • You can save big on Apple products on Black Friday, just know where to shop.
  • Also know what you're looking for — make sure you're buying the proper model.
  • Finally, consider open box products during Black Friday.

Apple products are rarely discounted and almost never discounted directly by Apple. If you want to save on a new MacBook, an iPhone or another Apple product this Friday, follow some of these tips.

Check retailers

Your best bet is to check retailers that sell Apple products instead of walking into an Apple Store, where you won't find big discounts.

Comparison shop

If you can't find an item in stock at one store but see it's available in another, remember that some retailers will price match. Best Buy, for example, will often price match an item if it's on sale at another location. Just be sure to bring a copy of the sale to show your salesperson.

Consider open box deals

Retailers often sell products that are returned, but are still in great condition, as an "open box" deal. These can sometimes save you hundreds of dollars, perhaps even more than a Black Friday deal itself. Best Buy lets you check for open box discounts at locations near you, and people who aren't in the know won't be knocking down doors to get to them.

Know what you're buying

Lastly, make sure you know what you're buying. Check the model year of a MacBook, for example, to make sure you're not just buying last year's version. Also, while browsing for deals, I noticed that some retailers have the Apple Watch Series 3 listed at $329 in Black Friday discount materials. That's the normal price, so make sure you're actually getting a discount.

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