Leading Blockchain Personality Dinis Guarda Joins Covesting, a Revolutionary P2P Asset Management Platform

GIBRALTAR, November 22, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

Dinis Guarda, a serial entrepreneur and fintech influencer, created TradingFloor.com for Saxo Bank in 2010 joins the Board of Directors of Covesting - Revolutionary P2P Asset Management Platform for Cryptocurrency Market.

Covesting is building a one of a kind peer-2-peer asset management and trading platform, as well as crypto intelligence portal - knowledge base and community hub created by traders. As the cryptocurrency ecosystem reaches the symbolic and breakthrough value of $200 billion, the industry and the traders need new "dealing room" and "trading floor" platforms that will support the explosion in the crypto-markets.

Dinis Guarda, one of the top 10 / 20 influential people in fintech and blockchain (Richtopia), has joined Covesting to support the board in the process of building and leading the trading and p2p asset management platform in the crypto space. Dinis Guarda, has been working as the CEO of companies such as Lifesci, Ztudium and Humaniq. He has joined the Covesting team as a board of director and advisor. Dinis's experience includes creating a bank and investment broker at Fab Banking in Asia in 2015. Guarda joins Covesting as another former Saxo Bank manager, along with Covesting founder Dmitrij Pruglo and Covesting Co-Founder Timofej Voronin. Mr. Guarda joins the team to guide strategic direction. His extensive experience covers small start-ups to global Fortune 500 companies, and work with the United Nations, European Space Agency, Mastercard. Guarda is a published author who moved into the banking industry with an interest in bringing new financial technology, education and innovation models. In early 2017, Dinis launched Humaniq, a blockchain based startup bringing financial inclusion platform.

Covesting CEO Dmitrij Pruglo: "I am very happy to welcome such a reputable, sharp and enthusiastic person as Dinis to our team. There is no doubt that with Dinis - Covesting will step up to a new level and will have all possible opportunities to become the world's leading blockchain based peer-2-peer asset management platform. We both worked at Saxo Bank before and we share similar values and passion for technology, so I'm sure it will be great working together."

Want to learn more or participate in the ICO? Visit covesting.io where you can access the full white-paper, view the brilliant team behind Covesting, and learn more details about the Pre-ICO and project roadmap.

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