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Snap is now letting companies sponsor Promoted Stories

Key Points
  • Snap is allowing companies to purchase Promoted Stories, or snaps that are strung together to tell a narrative.

Snap is letting companies buy Promoted Stories to highlight their products.

Stories, which link several snaps together for 24 hours to create a narrative, represent a new advertising tool for businesses. They can put three to 10 snaps together sequentially, a format that will still be used when Snapchat redesigns its app.

HBO purchased the first Promoted Story in the U.S. It links to free episodes of "Game of Thrones," "Insecure" and "Westworld." Retailer ASOS bought the first ads in the U.K. and France.

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Courtesy of Snap

More than 88 million people can see ads on Snapchat in the U.S., according to Snap. The company excels at reaching a younger audience, with 47 million viewers in the 13 to 24 demographic.

"Our advertising partners have been asking for ways to tell deeper stories on mobile," Peter Sellis, a Snap ad executive, said in a statement. "Promoted Stories offer marketers access to the same Stories format used by our community, combined with the reach and placement enjoyed by publishers on the app."

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