Why after Black Friday is the perfect time to start this side hustle (and make extra cash)

Tradesmen plastering drywall in home.
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Black Friday is officially here, kicking off America's busiest buying season. Last year, over 154 million people shopped over Thanksgiving weekend, according to the National Retail Federation, and electronics are continuously some of the top selling items.

This creates a greater demand for highly skilled electricians, repairmen and the like, as homeowners are calling on experts to install new TVs and fix other issues within the home, says Mike Bidwell CEO of Neighborly, a job site for home service providers.

"We see a surge around the holidays. People are buying flat screen TVs and appliances and they need people to install them, mount them and connect them," Bidwell tells CNBC Make It.

During the holiday season, the weather also begins to get cooler causing wear and tear on the home. Pipes become frozen, ice accumulates in gutters and snow sometimes gets into the house, leading to more home repair calls, says the CEO. To prevent heat loss, trade workers are called in to find air leaks, install insulation and check HVAC units.

As homeowners, and businesses, gear up for holiday parties and other large functions, trade and workers are called in as a preventative measure

"During the holidays people use the home more for events and people want their room painted or that bad disposal replaced," says Bidwell.

Hosting holiday parties, particularly those with a lengthy guest list, can also tax the building's drain system, leading to plumbing issues that need fixing.

Though certain professional groups like plumbers and HVAC experts require licensing, jobs like painting and home cleaning do not. In fact, house cleaners are often called in to prepare a home prior to a big event, or to clean an event space afterward.

And it's not just the interior of a home that needs work either. Bidwell says he often receives calls for landscaping work, which includes taking care of the lawn, fertilization and trimming bushes, both in residential and commercial properties.

He also sees a rise in requests for window cleaning, window tinting and power washing, which also do not require licenses.

The best part, says Bidwell, is that many of these jobs are done part-time or on-call, so you can work a full-time job and have a trade job on the side. Pay ranges from $20 to $40 an hour, with many workers hitting overtime as the holiday season gets underway. "These are pretty good wages for these business," says the CEO.

Although trade jobs are in high-demand during the holiday season, there has long been a shortage of workers to fill these roles, according to a National Association of Homebuilders Eye on Housing report, which shows labor shortages have become even more widespread in 2017.

That's a plus for anyone looking to transition into trade work as a full-time career or a part-time job, says Bidewell. "It makes them in-demand as a worker," he says. "They'll get paid more because there's not a lot of them."

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Tradesmen plastering drywall in home.
Getty Images | Hero Images
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