Here's what it's like aboard the $500,000 'Tesla of the Sea,' the world’s first electric yacht

This is being called the Tesla of luxury motor boats

The Tesla of the sea is here. It's the the Hinckley Dasher, the world's first fully electric luxury yacht.

"I would describe this boat in one word, and that is innovative," Hinckley Yachts' Scott Bryant told CNBC's "Secret Lives of the Super Rich" on a recent episode.

Cate Brown Photography/Courtesy of Hinckley

Unlike other vessels, the craft doesn't run on diesel fuel. Rather, it sports matching 80-horsepower electric motors powered by dual waterproof lithium ion batteries, which are cleanly hidden under the deck. The batteries are manufactured by BMW, adding another touch of luxury.

The 29-foot Dasher is made of epoxy carbon and artisanal teak. It's lightweight and can reach speeds of up to 27 miles per hour.

Cate Brown Photography/Courtesy of Hinckley

The boat also features an adjustable frameless windshield, 3D-printed titanium hardware and a custom interface display that monitors how far drivers can go before they need to turn around and recharge, which is typically around 40 miles.

In addition to its lessened environmental impact, the electric yacht boasts a more immediate win: It's completely silent, even while running.

Titanium hardware on "Dasher" made by a 3D printer
Cate Brown Photography/Courtesy of Hinckley

"If it were a normal boat with gasoline engines or diesel engines, you would actually hear it or smell it rumbling here next to us," Bryant says. "But it's on, it's ready to go. If I were to get on the boat, push the throttles forward, complete silence."

Cate Brown Photography/Courtesy of Hinckley

However, the luxe vessel doesn't come cheap: It's priced at $500,000.

"The buyer of this boat is somebody that desires a different type of experience on the water," Bryant says of the powerboat.

Cate Brown Photography/Courtesy of Hinckley

The first Dashers will be delivered in summer of 2018. Each one takes between three and four months to build.

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