Give a trendy gift this year. Here's what's on these Instagram stars' wish lists


Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Give a trendy gift this year. Here's what's on these Instagram stars' wish lists

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Out of gift ideas? Try Instagram.

The social media site is turning into the modern version of the catalog. This is where today's generation is going to know what's cool. The millennial version of a supermodel is the trendy, but relatable social media star who posts self-deprecating (but well-lit) pictures, interspersed with stylish goods worth a click.

According to Mediakix, advertisers will spend $1.6 billion on these Instagram influencers to help hawk their products. Some of these influencers are better at labeling their paid posts as an ad than others, but it's still worth a browse if you're stuck for ideas.

One thing is clear: what influencers tout is what quickly becomes popular. Here are some items that may soon see everywhere.

  • Eat like a model

    Supermodel turned social media star Chrissy Teigen wrote a fun cookbook littered with personal details, like the recipe for the pasta dish she fell in love with, in the same place she fell in love with her husband, singer John Legend.

    Price: $18.89
    Buy now: "Cravings: Recipes for All the Food You Want to Eat"

    Source: amazon
  • Shimmer for the holidays

    Melanie over at overglowedit recommends this body oil that smells of sweet coconut oil with a sparkle of holiday glitter. Reviews on the Urban Decay website say the smell is lovely and the glow is more of a gentle sheen than a glitter bomb.

    Price: $20
    Buy now: Lait de coco body oil

    Source: Urban Outfitters
  • Stay cozy

    This cool-girl brand was started by cool girl and social media star Jeanne Damas. The sweatshirt is the perfect item to throw on to stay cozy while chic during the holidays.

    Price: 89 euros, or about $105

    Buy now: Rouje Sweatshirt

    Source: Rouje
  • Shades of the social media stars

    Les Specs, an Australian sunglass brand founded in the late '70s and relaunched in 2006, has become a favorite of the social media set. This particular flirty pair has been worn by a hoard of heavy-hitting social media stars: Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Leandra Medine.

    Price: $120
    Buy now: Les Specs sunglasses

    Source: Net-A-Porter
  • Cult beauty brand

    This makeup brand was started by one of the most powerful women is beauty: Huda Kattan. The beauty blogger turned makeup entrepreneur launched her own — now cult — beauty brand and this set of liquid matte minis should look good on many skin types.

    Price: $33
    Buy now: Huda liquid matte minis nude

    Feel like dancing

    Source: Shophudabeauty
  • These brightly colored balletic leggings are perfect for your athletic friends who want to wear leggings in style. Laura J Quinn, a dancer and trainer with 24,000 followers, is a fan.

    Price: $39
    Buy now: Popflex leggings

    Source: Popflexactive
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