Top selling vehicles in the US in November

Automakers released U.S. sales of new cars and trucks in November on Friday. These were the top selling vehicles, the number sold and the percent change from last November.

Vehicle November 2017 sales Percent change from November 2016
Ford F-Series 72,769 0.9 percent
Chevrolet Silverado 46,441 2.6 percent
Ram 36,714 -0.5 percent
Toyota Camry 34,991 24.1 percent
Honda CR-V 32,206 25 percent
Nissan Rogue* 32,006 20.2 percent
Honda Civic 31,181 23.2 percent
Toyota RAV4 28,736 2.2 percent
Ford Escape 25,101 9.1 percent
Ford Explorer 24,110 22.8 percent

(asterisk)Nissan Rogue sales are estimates based on preliminary data. Nissan's sales totals were delayed and will be released Monday.

Source: Autodata Corp.