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If you think the $999 iPhone X is expensive, check out LG's new $1,800 smartphone

Key Points
  • LG announced a new Signature Edition smartphone based on the LG V30.
  • It's priced at 2 million won in South Korea, or about $1,800.
  • It offers similar features to the iPhone X and only 300 are being made.

The iPhone X is pricey with a $999 starting price, but LG's new Signature Edition smartphone costs $1,800.

LG announced the device Thursday morning, which is based on the LG V30 flagship device and will be sold locally in South Korea for 2 million won, or about $1,800, according to The Verge. It's made out of ceramic, a tough material that's resistant to cracks and fracturing and was used in other smartphones this year, including the Essential phone.

It features some of the specs you'll find in the iPhone X, including an OLED panel (though it's slightly larger at 6 inches), wireless charging and up to 256 gigabytes of storage. LG is also packing premium B&O headphones in the box. It's powered by Android.

LG is only building 300 of the handsets, so you're probably mostly paying for the exclusivity.

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