Full Alliance Group, Inc., Releases a Letter to Shareholders.From The Chairman of Full Alliance Group, Inc.

PALM DESERT, Calif., Dec. 13, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Full Alliance Group, Inc. (The "Company") (OTCPK: FAGI), a holding company, today issued the following letter to shareholders.

To all Full Alliance Group Shareholders:

As we conclude 2017, the Board of Directors would like to thank shareholders, our employees and their families for the continued patience as we work to reach the objectives that we have been striving to achieve for nearly four years. We know that it has come at a cost, both emotionally and financially, for many of you. Without your perseverance we would certainly not be where we are today, on the precipice of finally moving our company forward.

We are extremely pleased today, more than ever, Full Alliance is positioned to succeed in achieving our initial objective of acquiring the substantial assets of Grupo Richard. This diverse company has limitless potential on many fronts, from real estate ownership & development, to construction, mining and the implementation of proprietary banking technology. The assets were acquired at a discount and therefore we feel that not only have we been able to achieve shareholder value from day one, but we should also be able to exponentially build value as these assets are developed.

Full Alliance was able to negotiate the acquisition of Grupo Richard's assets with a combination of $1.5M in cash and 20M in restricted shares of common stock. Grupo Richard has an expert, third party valuation by Riedel Research Group of over $280M.

When Grupo Richard desired to take its stable of assets public, it had two options. The first option--an initial public offering (IPO)--can be a tedious process involving brokers and investment banks. This can take a year or more, under even the best of circumstances and cost millions of dollars. The other option--a merger--is much faster and minimizes third party interference. In exchange for the faster and simpler approach, often the merging company is willing to transfer its assets at a discount.

Looking ahead to 2018, management has already eyed several highly qualified and seasoned individuals from both the United States and Central/South America who should be more than capable of driving growth of operations, spearheading corporate strategy, and maximizing efficiencies. These individuals have experience with institutional capital as well as well as the market dynamics, which we feel will position Full Alliance to grow rapidly.

In the near term, we will be releasing a number of significant filings to show our shareholders, institutional investors and markets that Full Alliance has successfully achieved many of their goals. The Grupo Richard assets are diverse enough by themselves to create limitless potential from a revenue and operations side. However, additional industries such as agriculture and manufacturing/distribution have already been explored and preliminary discussions have taken place with parties interested in taking their assets public within the Full Alliance conglomerate. Management's goal is to generate bottom line revenue while always striving to maximize shareholder value.

Our immediate goal is to develop these assets within Latin America, a rapidly emerging market, by infusing the intellectual and financial capital that a multi-million dollar American corporation can offer. We believe that current market conditions are ripe for such an expansion.

The company is very fortunate to have executives with decades of experience and with access to a broad spectrum of investment banks and equity funds. Over the past few years we have made substantial inroads with these sources of capital, and several agreements are already in place which will provide Full Alliance with the working capital needed to act as catalyst for the operations we are obtaining from Grupo Richard.

It is the desire of the company to rapidly increase our revenues and stabilize the market with full expectation of uplisting to a major exchange. We are confident that with the asset values where they are at present we will more than satisfy the requirements of either NYSE or NASDAQ.

Again, we thank you for your commitment to our Full Alliance and hope you are as excited as we are with the direction we are headed for 2018 and beyond.


Jacob Thomas

Chairman / CEO



Full Alliance Group Inc. is a multi-faceted company with current diverse investments in the United States, focusing primarily on organic pod-based agriculture, acquisitions, and CBD-based nutraceuticals. Once these strategic acquisitions are procured and integrated into the long term objectives of the company, Full Alliance Group will provide investment capital, modern business practices and best-in-class management to cultivate and mature these companies to their greatest potential.


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