Apple Maps now provides detailed maps of airports

Key Points
  • Apple Maps now provides information on the interiors of US and international airports.
  • Apple Maps currently supports 30 airports around the world.
  • Users can search the maps for baggage claims, security checkpoints, gates, restaurants and more.
Apple Maps for Airports

Apple Maps now provides a detailed look at the inside of US and international airports.

The update rolled out just as the busy holiday travel season begins, and provides travelers with a look at airport terminals security checkpoints, baggage claim locations, restrooms, restaurants and more. If there are multiple floors in an airport, travelers will be able to choose the floor they're on to see more information.

Google Maps already has this feature, but Apple appears to be offering a leg-up thanks to indoor positioning, which should provide exact information on exactly where you're standing inside the airport. Users can also ask Siri for directions to different points of interest within an airport.

The feature is available in more than 30 airports around the world.