3 ways you should use your co-workers to help you succeed

Whether you're looking to score a promotion or simply take on more projects at work, it's important to tap into all available resources in the workplace to help you accomplish your goals. That includes your co-workers.

Leela Srinivasan, CMO at recruiting software company Lever, tells CNBC Make It that the ability to effectively collaborate with those around you at work is crucial.

Here are three ways she says to use your co-workers to help you succeed:

1. Share your goals

If your co-workers don't know what your goals are, then they can't help you achieve them, says Srinivasan. If you're close to a group of co-workers or work in teams, she suggests creating a chart where everyone's goals are reflected.

"When your goals are visible to your teammates, it helps you stay focused," she says. But this isn't a one-way street.

Also communicate with your teammates and let them know how they're doing with their goals. Pushing each other to stay on track, she says, makes you a higher performer.

"Make a commitment to check in on one another so that next time they can hold you accountable," Srinivasan adds.

2. Discuss challenges

We all come across obstacles as we pursue our goals. Talk them through with your co-workers, says Srinivasan.

She advises that you hold meetings or get-togethers with your co-workers so you can adequately consult with one another. "Share ideas and challenges to overcome," she says. "Do rapid-fire sessions with the team where you spit out ideas."

She suggests even writing down your thoughts on a whiteboard or a large notepad that everyone can see. "It's basically idea generation," Srinivasan explains.

From there, you can piece together two or three new ideas or solutions. Srinivasan says she's seen people be really successful at cracking new ideas and making strong headway into challenging projects through these team brainstorming sessions.

3. Divvy up tasks 

"Depending on the magnitude of a project, leverage your teammates or you will fail," she says. Delegate tasks based on skills and don't be afraid to ask for help from your co-workers.

But also be mindful that they have their own projects to finish, says Srinivasan. Your co-workers will be much more likely to lend a helping hand if you are organized.

"The key is to be organized up front," she says. Discuss the details of the project or task that you're working on with your co-workers and and what role they will play in helping you accomplish said goal.

"Let them know the impact that the work will have," says Srinivasan. "Give indication of the pay-off or the benefit and the business objective."

By thinking through all the pieces of the puzzle, she says, "you'll have your co-workers' buy-in."

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