Here’s the first big purchase Bill Gates made when Microsoft started taking off

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With a net worth topping $91 billion, Bill Gates can afford pretty much anything he wants.

After taking his first leave of absence from Harvard (he would later drop out altogether), Gates moved to Albuquerque, N.M., with partner Paul Allen in 1975, where the pair began working on their fledgling company, Microsoft, full time. Just three years later, the company's year-end sales climbed over $1 million.

By 1987, a 31-year-old Gates became the youngest billionaire ever, and his fortune only continued to balloon, eventually earning him the title of richest man in the world for decades on end.

Back in 1979, when Gates first started making big money off Microsoft, he decided to splurge on a luxury car: A Porsche 911 supercar, to be exact, as Business Insider pointed out.

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"I bought one thing that was a tiny bit of a splurge," Gates told David Rubenstein about the ride during a 2016 Bloomberg interview. "It was used, but it was an incredible car."

The car didn't gather dust in Gates' garage, either: He loved to put its speed to the test with aimless drives around the New Mexico dessert. After one particularly raucous night, he even had to call Allen to bail him out of jail, according to a Time profile from 1997.

"Sometimes when I would want to think at night, I would just go out and drive around at high speed," Gates told Rubenstein. "Fortunately, I didn't kill myself doing that."

When Microsoft moved its headquarters from New Mexico to Bellevue, Wash., in 1979, Gates racked up three speeding tickets on the drive alone, including two from the same cop, Time reports.

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And soon after arriving in Seattle, the Microsoft co-founder added a few more shiny new cars to his collection, including a Porsche 930 Turbo, a Jaguar XJ6 and a Ferrari 348.

Gates isn't the only successful person to spend his first big paycheck on a new set of wheels. After basketball all-star Shaquille O'Neal signed his first professional contract, he blew through $1 million in less than an hour.

O'Neal's first purchase: a $150,000 Mercedes Benz for himself. He immediately followed that up with a matching one for his father and a smaller $100,000 one for his mother. O'Neal also paid off his mother's house and began doing "what all the homeboys do — gotta buy rings and diamonds and earrings and this and that," he told Business Insider.

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