Mitch McConnell holds year-end news conference

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell highlighted what he deemed the Senate's accomplishments in a year-end news conference on Friday.

This week, Republicans passed their massive tax overhaul, which McConnell called the most challenging achievement of the year. On Thursday, Congress also passed a bill to fund the government through mid-January and avoid a government shutdown, for now.

McConnell also touted the Senate's confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch and dozens of other judicial nominees.

When the Senate returns, it plans to take up legislation to stabilize health-care markets. McConnell also said Thursday that he does not expect the Senate to take up entitlement reform next year.

The Senate failed this year in its attempts to largely repeal the Affordable Care Act. While the tax bill effectively scraps the law's individual mandate, McConnell said he would like to see bigger changes in the future.

The Republican majority in the 100-seat chamber will go to 51 seats next year from 52 currently, giving McConnell a smaller margin of error.