Let's all put our phones away on Christmas

  • Everyone should put their smartphones away during the holidays, especially during meals.
  • We spend too much time looking down at them, and not enjoying the time with the people around us.
  • Use a basket at the front door to hold smartphones, if you must.
Man checking smartphone at dinner table
Westend61 | Getty

As CNBC's in-house gadget reviewer, I want to make a pact with everyone. During the holidays, let's put our smartphones away, especially at the dinner table.

It probably sounds silly coming from me, the guy who tries to spend almost all of his time telling you about the newest and latest gadgets, but it's important. More and more, I've found myself sitting at a table where either I am or others are nose-deep in a smartphone looking at who knows what and having outside conversations, browsing Twitter or mindlessly flipping through apps.

More and more, I want to get up from the table entirely.

What's the point of being with other people if they're not interested in interacting? Removing the smartphone forces us (what a scary thought!) to enjoy one another's presence.

Besides, there are numerous studies showing that most of us agree that using a smartphone at the table is rude. So let's be a little nicer to one another.

I'll make the promise if you do. Put a basket out in the living room, as you would take car keys from people who drink, and ask folks to put their smartphones there. Or just make it a rule at the dinner table.

We can do it.