Iraqi parliament to investigate U.S. wheat shipment for feed wheat

BAGHDAD, Dec 29 (Reuters) - Iraq's parliament will investigate a U.S. wheat shipment suspected of containing feed wheat, the head of a parliamentary committee told Reuters on Friday.

The decision to investigate came after lawmaker Alia Nussayif told local media that the U.S. wheat cargo contained animal feed. She did not identify the sources of her information.

Feed wheat, which is normally given to animals, is not fit for human consumption.

"We will form a fact-finding committee," said lawmaker Talal al-Zawbaei.

Iraq's customs authority said in a statement that the shipment had met all standards and had undergone all relevant tests before being allowed into Iraq. It added that the trade ministry had approved the shipment.

"All border positions uphold any measures that ensure the safety of cargoes regardless of who is importing it whether from the public or private sector," the authority said.

The trade ministry could not immediately be reached for comment. (Reporting by Moayed Kenany; Additional reporting by Ahmed Rasheed; Writing by Ahmed Aboulenein; Editing by Susan Fenton)