Smyte Hires VP of Engineering to Scale Anti-Abuse Platform

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 08, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Smyte announces the appointment of Jason Fischl to Vice President of Engineering. Fischl joins Smyte from Remind, where he led development of a software platform used by over 27 million teachers, students and parents. Fischl is Smyte’s second significant management appointment in the past two months. In December, the company named Travis Reed as its new Vice President of Sales. Smyte is coming off a year in which it grew 200% year-over-year.

Fischl will focus on evolving Smyte’s anti-abuse management platform to meet the needs of leading web properties. Considered by experts as a new threat category, “abuse” is the correct use of technology to cause harm. It manifests in the content and behaviors that violate terms of service, including: account takeover; fake account creation; publishing content that is offensive, inappropriate, or illegal; online harassment, bullying, or threats; serial terms of service violations; business logic abuse; using your site to spam others; using your service for phishing attacks. Abuse results in poor user experience, which lowers engagement and impacts growth. Smyte combines automated and manual techniques to protect true users, and foster legitimate growth.

“Combating online abuse is a technical challenge as much as it is a business one,” says Pete Hunt, Co-founder and CEO at Smyte. “Doing the job effectively requires a modern and highly scalable web architecture capable of ingesting and analyzing massive amounts of data in seconds. We’re very proud of the platform we have currently, and Jason’s skillset and background give us the ability to expand the platform even further.”

Prior to Remind, Fischl was Senior Director of Core Web Services at Skype, and before that he was CTO at CounterPath, a leading provider of desktop and mobile softphones and Fixed Mobile Convergence solutions for enterprise and carrier customers.

“Joining Smyte was an easy decision,” says Fischl. “The company just completed a stellar year, and its focus on building a modern platform is very much in line with my experience. It didn’t take me long to realize the massive potential here. I’ve been impressed with Smyte’s technology, leadership and talent, and look forward to doing my part to help the company continue to grow and reach new milestones.”

About Smyte
Smyte is a blend of application security, anti-fraud, and content moderation that more effectively combats fraud and abuse at lower cost. Offering a holistic point of view, Smyte uses signals from across data sources to pinpoint account takeover, payment fraud, content policy violation, spam, phishing, and peer to peer collusion. Instead of an opaque fraud score the platform feeds analysts a constant flow of actionable information about the incident or threat under investigation. Keeping the human in the loop, Smyte experts customize machine learning models according to the customer’s policies and business logic. All the data flows into Smyte’s proprietary rules engine so automation specialists and anti-abuse engineers can instantly deploy stateful custom rules without touching the product. For more information, visit

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