These full-body 3-D scanners from Artec bring selfies to life

This device makes a 3D scan of your entire body in 12 seconds

Artec Europe makes handheld scanners and software to capture and create accurate, digital models of all sorts of objects.

The company's technology is primarily used for making fast prototypes in industrial design and mechanical engineering.

But they are also used to replicate things that are no longer being built. After all, it's hard to fix an old vehicle, a couch or a piece of factory equipment if the parts inside are no longer being manufactured.

Recently, Artec showed off the body scanning capabilities of its technology in a "Shapify booth" at the CES tradeshow in Las Vegas. The booth consisted of a rotating round platform where a person would stand, arms akimbo. Multiple scanners rotated around the person to get a 360-degree picture.

The resulting "shapie" — as the company calls the 3-D selfie — can be used for frivolous or serious business. Users can make scaled figurines of themselves if they so desire, or they could be fit for customized clothes without going to a dressmaker or haberdasher.

A digital model could also enable health-care providers to create perfectly fitting prosthetics or other medical devices, for patients.