If Jay Leno lost everything and had to start over, here's what he would do

Why Jay Leno never touched his 'Tonight Show' money

Comedian and car enthusiast Jay Leno started working early. In fact, he used his savings from summer jobs to buy his first ever car — a '34 Ford pickup truck — at age 14, he tells CNBC Make It.

Before he struck it big, Leno worked at a car dealership and did comedy shows on the side. He continued working two jobs even after landing his gig as the host of NBC's "The Tonight Show" in 1992.

Today, the self-made millionaire is the host of CNBC's "Jay Leno's Garage" and has an impressive car collection worth tens of millions.

And, if the 67-year-old lost all of his money overnight and had to start from scratch, he would do "exactly the same thing," he says.

Jay Leno is all smiles as he tears across the water in … a car.
Source: CNBC

In fact, he's always lived as if he'll lose everything. That's why he never touched a dime of his "Tonight Show" money: "It would go directly into a bank," he says.

Today, Leno still focuses on earning, doing two to three comedy gigs a week, or "210 jobs a year outside of whatever else I'm doing. ... So if it ended tomorrow, I would keep doing the same thing because I live every day like it ended yesterday."

Could he become a millionaire again? Perhaps. After all, the quickest way to become a millionaire, , is by generating at least two incomes.

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