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Read President Trump's full comments on the dollar to CNBC

Key Points
  • President Donald Trump talks about dollar strength.
  • In an interview with CNBC, Trump says he ultimately prefers a stronger dollar.
President Trump: Ultimately I want to see a strong dollar

President Donald Trump talked to CNBC's Joe Kernen from the World Economic Forum in Switzerland on Thursday.

In the interview, Trump clarified comments from his Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who suggested that the White House may prefer a weaker dollar. Trump said he ultimately wants to "see a strong dollar."

Read Trump's comments on the dollar below:

I think they were taken out of context 'cause I read his exact statement. I'll tell you where I stand, which ultimately is very important. No. 1, I don't like talking about it because, frankly, nobody should be talking about it. It should be what it is. It should also be based on the strength of the country. We are doing so well. Our country is becoming so economically strong again — and strong in other ways, too, by the way — that the dollar is going to get stronger and stronger. And ultimately, I want to see a strong dollar. Right now, it floats. But it's your great reserve currency. There can never be anything even close to it. There is nothing close to it. There never will be. But ultimately, the dollar, because our country is going to get so much stronger economically, if you look at what's happened to our country over the — look, I've been talking about this with you for 25 years.