Apple is reportedly delaying new iOS features until next year because of quality problems

Key Points
  • Apple is delaying some iOS features by a year, according to Axios.
  • The company was originally going to introduce a new home screen, among other features.
  • Instead, Apple is going to focus on performance and stability.
Apple is delaying some iOS features by a year

Apple is delaying new iOS software features — which were originally set to launch this year — into 2019, according to Axios.

Apple's software head Craig Federighi told employees the company needs to focus on performance and quality, according to Axios, which cited uinidentified sources. Apple's newest iPhone and iPad software — iOS 11— has been particularly riddled with bugs, which Apple has continued to fix throughout the past year.

The company was also hit with criticism in January after users discovered it was purposefully slowing down older iPhones without telling users. A patch to iOS 11, due out this spring, will tell users when Apple is doing this.

Apple was reportedly planning to launch a new home screen with the update, which might have changed the current one that's filled with rows of icons, but that feature has also been put on the back-burner, Axios said.

IOS 12 is likely to be announced during Apple's WWDC, which typically takes place in June and is when Apple usually announces its new version of iOS.

Apple was not immediately available for comment.