Employee Testimonials

Horace McBean

Horace McBean
Scott Mlyn | CNBC

My name is Horace McBean, I am a television veteran with over 25 years of experience in the media industry. As manager of CNBC Technical Operations, I manage a team specializing in control room operations. My daily responsibilities include live and post productions, supervising areas such as audio engineering, chyron on-air graphics and technical directing. I am involved in strategic planning of day-to-day broadcast operations for traditional and new media platforms of TV products.

I have a proven track record where I've built strong relationships in other areas of the operations, including production, business news and digital. I enjoy the fast-paced, cutting-edge environment in which my team excels, and I'm frequently challenged with new ways to deliver CNBC's on-air product.

My first interaction with CNBC was in October 1990 as a CNBC Technical Operations intern. Soon after, I knew that I would be with CNBC for an extended career. After learning and mastering several studio technical skills, I soon found myself as a prominent staff member. I continued to move up the ladder after my promotion to technical production supervisor. A few years later, I was promoted to studio and control room supervisor, before I reached my current position.

One of the many perks I enjoy while working at CNBC is the daily interactions with some of the most talented professionals in the financial television industry. I enjoy the friendly yet professional and busy atmosphere. I believe CNBC is a great place to build on existing skills and opportunities for growth.