Employee Testimonials

Sally Shin

It was just after the financial crisis when I first interned at CNBC. I was in the middle of deciding my second major in college – economics or political science. I wanted to be a journalist, but could not commit to one beat to settle on. But it became very evident the day I stepped into the building that I wanted to be part of history, covering the stories that were landing on page A1. I recently relocated to San Francisco to cover the most innovative and some of the largest companies in the world – such as Apple, Facebook and Amazon. While we have leaders across the globe, to me, San Francisco is a place where visions become reality – where narratives are written for the next big thing. It's not about tomorrow, but the next decade, and the next century.

Seven years later, CNBC has become family. With its amazing support system I've been able to cover some of the biggest news events – including Brexit in the U.K. and the IMF/World Bank meetings in D.C. I stood on the NYSE floor when Twitter went public and covered Facebook's IPO from the Nasdaq market site. Just take a look at our set on the NYSE floor. No other financial network has the presence that CNBC does when it comes to covering the markets.