Stuttgart prosecutor probes Bosch about Chrysler emissions role

FRANKFURT, Jan 31 (Reuters) - The Stuttgart prosecutor's office on Wednesday said two employees of auto supplier Robert Bosch were being probed on suspicion of aiding fraud, as part of a wider probe into Chrysler diesel emissions in the United States.

Two diesel-engined vehicles, the Chrysler Grand Cherokee 3.0 L and the Chrysler Dodge Ram 1500, which have been on sale in the United States since 2014, had shown signs of a "reduced effectiveness" of emissions control systems.

These two vehicles are subject to a "Notice of Violation" by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Stuttgart prosecutor's office said in a statement on Wednesday.

Bosch was not immediately available for comment. (Reporting by Edward Taylor; Additional reporting by Jan Schwartz; Editing by Maria Sheahan)