FACTBOX-U.S., China disputes over agricultural and metal markets

Feb 5 (Reuters) - China has launched an anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigation into imports of sorghum from the United States, a move expected to immediately hit demand for the upcoming U.S. sorghum crop and send shivers through the entire U.S. farm sector. Below is an overview of recent disputes between the world's top two economies over areas such as farm policy and metal exports:

Commodity Complaint Status Sorghum China said imported sorghum from the China launched an U.S. had been shipped at a lower-than anti-dumping and

normal price, damaging local producers. anti-subsidy investigation into imports of sorghum from the U.S. The investigation should be complete by Feb. 4, 2019, but could be extended until Aug. 4, 2019.

Aluminum and The U.S. said China had subsidized and The U.S. launched an Steel dumped aluminum alloy sheet, hurting anti-subsidy and local producers. anti-dumping probe into

imports of Chinese aluminum alloy in November, 2017.

U.S. industries accused China of The U.S. government is

exporting excess output, hurting global investigating Chinese prices and providing subsidies, such as aluminum and steel

interest-free loans, to prop up imports on national state-owned companies. security grounds.

Washington also launched a complaint in January, 2017 against Chinese aluminum subsidies at the World Trade Organization, accusing Beijing of artificially expanding its global market share with cheap state-directed loans and subsidized energy.

The U.S. slapped countervailing duties on Chinese aluminum foil imports in August, 2017 after domestic producers complained it was damaging the local sector.

DDGS China's ethanol industry accused U.S. In January 2017, China (Distillers' exporters of unfairly benefiting from slapped hefty punitive Dried Grains subsidies. tariffs on imports of with or DDGS.

without Solubles

Beef China found mad cow disease from U.S. China conditionally beef and blocked imports in 2003. lifted import ban on

U.S. boneless beef and beef on the bone in June, 2017.

Grains The U.S. complained about China's price U.S. launched a support for domestic wheat, corn and challenge at WTO in rice. September, 2016. The WTO

set up a dispute panel in September, 2017 to hear the case.


Chicken In 2010, China found that the U.S. had China imposed dumping been dumping broiler chicken in the duties on imports and in country. August, 2016 extended

penalties for a further 5 years.

(Reporting by Josephine MasonEditing by Richard Pullin and Joseph Radford)