The most talked about Super Bowl advertiser online was Avocados from Mexico

Key Points
  • Avocados from Mexico was the most mentioned Super Bowl advertiser across Instagram and Twitter, according to Salesforce.
  • Pepsi took top honors in images.
A scene for Avocados from Mexico Super Bowl ad.
Source: YouTube

The company that won the Super Bowl ad chatter online was Avocados from Mexico, according to Salesforce.

Avocados from Mexico was the most mentioned advertiser online and had the most logos shared across Twitter and Instagram, Salesforces said Monday. #Guacworld was the most used hashtag, and the top Super Bowl-related word used online was Guac.

Pepsi took top honors in images, with pictures of Cindy Crawford from its throwback ad and pictures of Justin Timberlake from the halftime show among the most shared online. It was the second most-mentioned advertiser, and had the second most-used hashtag. Doritos came in third among mentions and hashtag uses as well.

To get the data, Salesforce tracked social media mentions on Twitter and Instagram between 11 a.m. ET to 11 p.m. ET on Super Bowl Sunday. It also analyzed the kinds of photos people posted on those platforms. The results are published on its blog.

Salesforce is an enterprise software company, but it's been expanding its marketing business including by introducing artificial-intelligence-powered image recognition.

Other analyses came up with different Super Bowl ad rankings by looking at different metrics.

Disclosure: NBC Sports televised Sunday's Super Bowl. CNBC parent NBCUniversal owns NBC Sports.