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Cramer's lightning round: My go-to health care stock

Key Points
  • It's that time again! "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on callers' favorite stocks at rapid speed.

The Medicines Company: "We've got UnitedHealth. We're not going to fool around with this other stuff. That is my go-to choice in that sector."

Granite Construction: "Granite's very good. I'm more partial to US Concrete."

Ford Motor Company: "Seems like a value trap to me, sir. It's got a 5.5 percent yield, but you know what, it don't matter for a stock going down – 5.5 doesn't get you there. I'm staying away."

Chesapeake Energy Corp: "I haven't liked it for 10 years, so I can't really get on the Chesapeake bandwagon."

Atlassian: "Oh, man, I like those guys. That is a terrific, very inexpensive program that gets everybody to be able to be together in a company. I like that. Notice it didn't even come down [during the sell-off]."

AeroVironment: "I think that there's a private company that I know that also does agriculture. They do have agricultural drones that actually, I think, may be able to give this company a run for the money. I like the military side more than the ag side. It's down 15 percent, about, for the year. Call me a buyer, not a seller."

Conagra Brands: "It's fine, Conagra. The problem is that there's no real thesis right now to buy these food stocks other than [on] a takeover basis and I don't recommend stocks on a takeover basis."

Watch the full lightning round here:

Cramer's lightning round: My go-to health care stock

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