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China's rise in the aerospace industry is 'a real plus for us,' Honeywell says

Key Points
  • The emergence of new aircraft manufacturers, such as China's Comac, is "a real plus" for Honeywell, said Briand Greer, the company's president for Southeast Asia.
  • Comac's narrow-body passenger jet C919 uses a number of Honeywell products, Greer said.
Asia's airline boom has been great for Honeywell

The rise of a Chinese aircraft manufacturer is "a real plus" for Honeywell, which makes everything from jet engines to software systems used in planes, a company executive told CNBC Thursday.

The state-owned Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, or Comac for short, has secured more than 700 orders for its 168-seat C919 passenger jet, expected to have its first delivery in 2021.

"It's a real plus for us because we provide the products, the systems, the services that go on any aircraft. So we support all the major OEMs [original equipment manufacturers] globally," said Briand Greer, Honeywell's president for Southeast Asia.

The narrow-body plane, seen as a symbol of China's aerospace ambitions, adds to competition in the commercial aircraft manufacturing space currently led by Boeing and Airbus.

The company has, in fact, worked with Comac to have a number of its products used on the C919 jet, Greer added.

Honeywell has also strengthened its businesses beyond China. The American conglomerate this week signed contracts with Singapore Airlines Group and Indonesia's Lion Air Group to provide the two with services that include back-up power for planes.