20 companies hiring like crazy in February

Emily Moore, Glassdoor

Traditionally, January is known as the month of new beginnings, while February brings to mind groundhogs and Valentine's Day. But just because we're now in month two of the New Year doesn't mean you can't make a change for the better! Whether you're seeking a higher salary, more flexible schedule or new challenge, a new job is often the best way to meet your professional wants and needs.

The good news? No matter what month or season it is, you can always find companies hiring for tons of open positions — and this February is no exception. To help you kick off your job search, we've highlighted 20 companies that are hiring like crazy right now. Check out their many open jobs and apply while they're still available!

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1. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 

Where hiring: Livermore, CA

What they do"The Laboratory's science and engineering are being applied to achieve breakthroughs for counter terrorism and nonproliferation, defense and intelligence, energy and environmental security."

What employees say: "Great compensation, benefits, 401k matching, and work/life balance. Most importantly, LLNL is a leader in many [advanced] technologies and the work directly impacts the safety of our country." — Current nuclear facility manager

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2. J.P. Morgan

Where hiring: New York, NY; Columbus, OH; Arlington, TX; Wilmington, DE and more

What they do"As a global institution with a unique breadth of offerings, we provide our clients with unparalleled innovation and solutions."

What employees say: "I really appreciate how easy it has been for me to speak with upper management for feedback, I feel that the employees here hold a lot of brand loyalty, and believe that the compensation provided is indicative of the work that our employees do." — Current private client investment associate

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3. McMillan

Where hiring:Ottawa, Canada

What they do"McMillan is a creative B2B agency… We are driven by a passion to create powerful brands executed through engaging campaigns — which ultimately delivers enduring value for our customers."

What employees say: "I've loved working at McMillan. The people are great – hardworking, fun and caring. I have always felt supported by the management team. My direct manager has my back and has coached me through many situations… We do work overtime every now and then, but McMillan definitely strives for a good work-life balance." — Current employee

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4. Noodles & Company

Where hiring: Thornton, CO; Florence, KY; Concord, CA; Manhattan, KS and more

What they do"Together we create crave-able flavors from around the globe, where every recipe is made to order and every ingredient is something to feel good about."

What employees say: "Fast paced, great way to practice quick thinking, great opportunities for cross training." — Former employee

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5. FBI

Where hiring: Washington, DC; Huntsville, AL; Columbia, SC; Pocatello, ID and many more

What they do:"The FBI is an intelligence-driven, national security and law enforcement agency."

What employees say: "You are working with the best of the best. The most intelligent, driven and accomplished Special Agents and Analysts the world over. These are people who have dedicated their lives in service of the nation, it's people and the constitution. Remember that the FBI doesn't take just anybody." — Current employee

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6. The RealReal

Where hiring:San Francisco, CA; Brisbane, CA; Las Vegas, NV; Secaucus, NJ and more

What they do"Working at her kitchen table and visiting consignor homes with a U-Haul, our fearless leader CEO Julie Wainwright built The RealReal out of her own home. Today, it's the premier site for online luxury consignment with over 600 employees and multiple locations across the United States that accept and ship product worldwide."

What employees say: "Because the company is a unique [startup], ideas are always welcomed and there is no tightly structured growth path like other fashion companies. You don't have to be an assistant for two years before you are considered for an elevated role. There's an open door policy with every manager and director in the building so if you have an issue there's always someone who can help. Lastly, you are surrounded by amazing fashion and people who love the fashion industry." — Current manager

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7. The Shade Store

Where hiring:Port Chester, NY; San Francisco, CA

What they do"We founded The Shade Store to provide a simple alternative to a traditionally difficult shopping experience. We're the only wholly curated custom window treatment service – we manage every detail, from inspiration to installation (and beyond)."

What employees say: "The Shade Store has the most beautiful products and showrooms, great work environment, short turnaround times in production. Excellent company support from corporate, with direct access to members of all departments in real time. Team efforts are rewarded with monthly bonuses. Pay is above average." — Current design/sales consultant

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8. BAYADA Home Health Care

Where hiring: Moorestown, NJ; Lehighton, PA; Charlotte, NC; Wailuku, HI and many more

What they do: "At BAYADA, you belong to a growing team of outstanding home care professionals who bring compassion, excellence, and reliability to every job, every day."

What employees say: "Great, family atmosphere, very detailed, thorough and clear 'on-boarding process'; steady amount of work. Lots of perks and incentives." — Current RN staff nurse

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9. Compass Group USA

Where hiring: Charlotte, NC; North Atlanta, GA; Portland, OR; Chicago, IL and more

What they do: "Based in Charlotte NC, Compass Group North America is the leading food service management and support services company with $16 billion (£11.2 billion) in revenues in 2016."

What employees say:"Big company with plenty of opportunities for promotion or change in many lines of the food service business." — Current employee

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10. Sony Electronics

Where hiring: San Jose, CA; Park Ridge, NJ; San Diego, CA; New York, NY and more.

What they do"In 1946, Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita founded Sony on the shared belief that if they worked together, they could make their ideas a reality. In the decades since, Sony's innovation has touched people across continents and cultures through movies, music, games, cell phones and electronics."

What employees say:"The benefits are amazing here at Sony. The environment is inviting and engaging. I applied for a few positions before I received this position. This is like a dream job. Some of my favorite parts: Engagement events, farmers market, car wash, on site cafe, on-site Gym and so much more." — Current employee

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11. Glassdoor

Where hiring: Mill Valley, CA; San Francisco, CA; Chicago, IL; London, England; Dublin, Ireland

What they do"We're on a mission to help people everywhere find a job and a company they love. In the process, we're transforming an entire industry through the power of transparency."

What employees say:"I truly love this company. There is a great culture and I love everyone from the CEO, to my VP, to the people who site next to me everyday at the office. The company treats us so well as employees that sometimes I feel guilty lol. On the other hand, it makes me really appreciate my job and motivates me to bust my but to do a great job in return." — Current manager

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12. South Carolina Federal Credit Union

Where hiring: Charleston, SC

What they do"We offer a full range of financial services, including savings and investments, checking, credit cards, and loans. We offer a personable environment, with convenience unsurpassed in our area."

What employees say:"Work with amazing people, great company, great benefits, upper management all the way to CEO is open door policy! Great work life balance. Onsite training and continuous learning." — Current Financial Support Rep

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13. US Department of Veteran Affairs

Where hiring: College Station, TX; Fayetteville, NC; Hampton, VA; Jackson, MS; Las Vegas, NV; Washington, DC; Anchorage, AK; Prescott, AZ; Wichita, KS and many more

What they do"Department of Veterans Affairs offers Veterans the largest, most technologically advanced integrated health care system in the United States. At VA hospitals throughout the nation, opportunities are available for psychologists, psychiatrists and other professionals, as we look to hire 1,000 mental health providers this year."

What employees say:"There is an incredible mission that people truly live. The work is incredibly fulfilling. Some of the best people I've ever met, I met at VA. It is a necessary institution to the [well-being] of our nation and consequently, most people there approach their responsibilities with incredible passion and drive." — Former employee

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14. McKinley, Inc.

Where hiring: Ann Arbor, MI; Orlando, FL; Indianapolis, IN; Augusta, GA and more

What they do: "Invest in and manage residential and commercial real estate nationwide."

What employees say:"McKinley is a good place to work. Most of the people are nice and the environment is fun. Some departments and properties are more strict than others, but at the end of the day their understanding of work/life balance makes up for that." — Current employee

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15. 51Talk

Where hiring: Everywhere — most of 51Talk's jobs are remote!

What they do: "51Talk is China's largest online English education company… It brings together students and teachers for live, interactive online English lessons on AirClass, its cutting-edge digital learning platform."

What employees say: "I love being able to set my own schedule to fit around my busy life. I get paid on a [consistent] (once a month) basis. I've never had any trouble receiving my pay. It's enjoyable to meet new students and to watch your regular students improve in their English understanding and speech!" — Current ESL teacher

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16. Telecom Brokerage (TBI)

Where hiring: Chicago, IL

What they do"TBI is one of the nation's leading third-party technology distributors. For more than 25 years TBI has been assisting IT consultants, VARs, MSPs, and more than 2,000 other industry professionals to source, advise and quote the right customer solutions."

What employees say: "TBI has the formula for success and they are great in teaching new hires the ropes. There are always new Account Managers starting and very few leaving. I've made some new friends here this past year and I'm glad we are all still working together. I'm excited for my 401k (with match!) to kick in and look forward to making even more commissions this year." — Current account manager

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17. HelloSign

Where hiring: San Francisco, CA

What they do:"Millions of individuals and over 60,000 companies world-wide trust the HelloSign platform – which includes eSignature, digital workflow and eFax solutions – to automate and manage their most important business transactions."

What employees say: "I have worked at multiple tech companies pre to post IPO and enjoyed them all but HelloSign has been the best of my career experiences in tech. The leadership team is world-class in strategic decision making and empathetic bottoms up leadership. The culture of the team is perfectly curated and people centric, by far the most genuine culture I've experienced. Hands-down the smartest, kindest, most team centric organization I've been [a part] of." — Current employee

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18. Fisher Investments

Where hiring: Camas, WA; San Mateo CA; Plano TX; San Francisco, CA; Cleveland, OH; Dallas, TX and more

What they do: "Fisher Investments is a privately owned money management firm."

What employees say: "It is extremely satisfying to work for a company that prides itself on bettering the investment universe and not becoming complacent. I work with a lot of bright people that also have a solid moral foundation—doing right by clients. I've worked elsewhere and attest there is a big difference working at Fisher in a good way." — Current manager

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19. South Coast Community Services

Where hiring: Mission Viejo, CA; Colton, CA; Costa Mesa, CA; Rancho Cucamonga, CA and more

What they do: "Located in Orange and San Bernardino counties, SCCS is comprised of an outstanding group of mental health professionals who have experience working with children, youth, couples, and families."

What employees say: "It feels like a real team. Sometimes like a family. The work is hard and it is rewarding. You know you make a real difference for these kids. Management actually care about us. You can get promoted here. They will train you to be in management. Work conditions are good." — Current employee

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20. NextCapital Group

Where hiring: Chicago, IL; Burlington, VT

What they do: "At NextCapital, we build financial software that helps everyday investors build and manage a world-class financial portfolio."

What employees say: "The work environment was incredible. Everyone was very friendly and worked very hard. I would highly recommend. Lots of opportunities to play with different technologies." — Former intern

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