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Heading to South Korea for the Winter Olympics? Here are five of its Michelin-starred restaurants

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Over the next few weeks, thousands of people will visit South Korea for the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. From Nigeria to Norway, athletes from around the world will compete for medals in disciplines ranging from bobsleighing to ice hockey.

While the sporting action will take place in Pyeongchang, Seoul — the country's capital and around 80 miles to the west — is one of the world's most technologically advanced and culturally-rich cities on the planet.

So, for those looking to travel further afield, here's the lowdown on five Seoul-based restaurants, all with either one, two or three Michelin star ratings.

Poom Seoul

Dishes at this one Michelin star restaurant include cockles with vegetables; seared, eight-hour marinated beef; and seasoned snow crab and rice served with soy sauce.

Prices can hit 231,000 South Korean won ($212) per person for a set dinner menu.

Balwoo Gongyang

Specializing in what it describes as "delicate temple cuisine," this one Michelin star restaurant serves up food based on traditional recipes and is run by the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism.

Menus change with the seasons and include dishes such as mungbean jelly with spring vegetables, and steamed wild yam covered in pine nut powder. Prices range from 30,000 to 95,000 South Korean won.

Kwon Sook Soo

Boasting two Michelin stars and run by chef Kwon Woo Joong, this restaurant offers lunch and dinner and makes its kimchi, vinegar and fermented sauces in-house.

Dishes on offer include cold sweet potato and roasted chestnuts with a soup of pine nuts, as well as sea bream sashimi.

A tasting menu at lunch will set you back 100,000 South Korean won, while a chef's tasting menu is on offer for 180,000 South Korean won.


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Dishes at this three Michelin star restaurant include abalone braised in 11 year-old soy sauce served with seaweed and abalone liver, as well as soymilk panna cotta.

A set dinner at Gaon ranges from 180,000 to 250,000 South Korean won, according to the Michelin guide.

La Yeon

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Located in The Shilla hotel in Seoul, La Yeon has three Michelin stars.

Dishes on offer include poached blue shell egg with dried Pollack broth, and braised sea cucumber stuffed with seafood.

Multi-course menus can cost as much as 250,000 South Korean won per person.

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