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Here's what money can buy in the world of private jets

We went inside 3 private jets, starting at $10 million

The world of high flying jets is reachable for few, but for those willing and able to spend tens of millions of dollars, there's much that money can buy.

CNBC recently went inside three private jets manufactured by Embraer, the Brazilian aerospace giant.

Phenom 300: $10 million

The Phenom 300 is the most-delivered business jet, according to a report by the General Aviation Manufacturers Association.

Legacy 500: $21 million

The midsize jet can be configured for up to 12 passengers, and several seats can be changed into flatbeds, by combining two together.

Legacy 650E: $25 million

The jet seats between 13 and 14 passengers and unlike its sibling, the Legacy 500, this aircraft has its own private cabin in the back.

But hold on...

While the prices of those jets are only the starting costs, operational costs can easily run into several millions of dollars per year.