Aegea Announces Agreements For Acquisition Of All The Shares Of Companhia de Saneamento do Norte And Specific Shareholders' Agreement For Capital Contributions From Shareholders

SÃO PAULO, Feb. 21, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Aegea Saneamento announced today, the signing of agreements for acquisition of all the shares of Companhia de Saneamento do Norte, responsible for the provision of water and sewage services in Manaus (AM). After fulfillment of conditions precedent, the company will manage the subsidiaries Manaus Ambiental S.A. and Rio Negro Ambiental, Captação, Tratamento e Distribuição de Águas SPE S.A..

Manaus will be the third capital served by the company. The city has more than 2.1 million inhabitants and its coverage rates for water and sewage are, respectively, 98.0% and 19.2%. With the acquisition, Aegea will operate in 49 cities in 11 states of Brazil, serving 7.6 million people.

Also today, Aegea entered into a specific Shareholders' Agreement to enable capital injections by shareholders in the Company for the acquisition of CSN. The shareholders' commitment reinforces its confidence in the Company's Business Plan and supports Aegea's growth objectives in the sanitation sector, while maintaining the Company's credit fundamentals and capital structure solid.

"The acquisition of Companhia de Saneamento do Norte is an important step towards the expansion of Aegea in the country. We reaffirm our commitment to the evolution of the basic sanitation indices, aiming at the universalization of these services in all municipalities where we operate," said Hamilton Amadeo, CEO of Aegea.

About Aegea

Aegea Saneamento is a Brazilian company that manages sanitation assets, through concessionaires in various Brazilian states, and operates public concessions. The company serves around 5.4 million people in 48 cities across 10 Brazilian states. Created in 2010, Aegea is the second largest company in the industry, with a 24% share of the Brazilian market for private sanitation services.

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