eSync Alliance Appoints Rick Kreifeldt as Executive Director

FREMONT, Calif., Feb. 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Excelfore, an industry leader in automotive OTA and in-vehicle networks, announces that Rick Kreifeldt will lead the eSync Alliance in the role of Executive Director, effective immediately.

The eSync Alliance is an industry initiative for driving multi-company Over-the-Air (OTA) update and diagnostic data solutions in the automotive electronics space. By working together in the Alliance, companies will benefit from a simplified development environment made possible by a standardized yet customizable, open, scalable platform.

The Alliance is based around eSync, a platform of cloud and embedded components originally developed by Excelfore for providing secure transactions within a vehicle. The strength of the platform is its ability to provide updates and diagnostics across any in-vehicle network to devices with any operating system. The Server-Client-Agent architecture allows flexible updating of the entire vehicle from the most complex Infotainment Head Unit or Autonomous driving ECU to the simplest sensor. The system helps to avoid increasingly frequent, costly and embarrassing vehicle recalls. The eSync platform also enables real-time operational information to be remotely pulled from devices located in the vehicle. The aim of the Alliance is to bring automakers, Tier-1 integrators, module and software suppliers into a mutually beneficial partnership to build eSync compliant solutions for the entire vehicle, thereby growing market share, influence and market leadership for all involved.

Rick Kreifeldt, the new Executive Director at the eSync Alliance, noted, "By bringing all the eco-system partners together, the Alliance will deliver a more complete end-to-end OTA solution and can thus build something much more comprehensive than any individual company could on their own. Bringing the automotive industry together on a common platform is a tough challenge, but as other similar projects have shown, the potential benefits of such cooperation are substantial and industry-changing."

Shrinath Acharya, CEO at Excelfore, added, "Rick brings a unique depth and breadth of experience, exceptional talent and natural enthusiasm to this role. He has a proven track record in building trust and collaboration, and has led efforts in over a dozen alliances, trade associations and standards bodies. He is the ideal leader to build the eSync Alliance into an industry-leading multi-company initiative."

Mr. Kreifeldt is founder and president of Motoforza Inc., where he has been the driving force behind technology strategy, M&A activity, and organizational development, building extensive partnerships between automakers and suppliers in the areas of connected and ADAS/autonomous vehicles. He was the founder and chairman of the AVnu Alliance, a consortium of more than 80 electronics and manufacturing companies working together to establish and certify Audio Video Bridging and Time-Sensitive Networking (AVB/TSN) standards. Kreifeldt also worked for more than 20 years at Harman, the world's leading infotainment and audio supplier. He holds 23 patents in the areas of networking, DSP and system design.

About Excelfore
Excelfore, located in Silicon Valley, is an innovative provider of cloud platform and connectivity applications for intelligent transportation. It provides middleware solutions for smart mobility networks that enable OEMs and suppliers to build the next generation of smart, autonomous and learning vehicles, fleets and associated infrastructure. Excelfore products include the eAVB™ protocol stack for in-vehicle Ethernet time-sensitive networking, as well as the cloud-to-vehicle eSync™ system for OTA updates, diagnostics and telematics.

About the eSync™ Alliance
The eSync™ Alliance is an industry initiative to drive a multi-company solution for over the air (OTA) updates and diagnostics data in automotive electronics, potentially saving billions of dollars per year for automakers. By working together in the alliance, companies will benefit from a simplified development environment made possible by a standardized yet customizable open platform. The alliance is based around eSync™, a platform of cloud and embedded components originally developed by Excelfore for providing a secure data pipeline to devices within a vehicle.

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