The Hustlers

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Hustlers are born every day, but none are like these five guys from Staten Island. Every week, these five friends come together to discuss ideas that can make them money. Meet The Hustlers.

Uncle Dom Detore - "The Boss"
Dom is a commercial/residential building contractor based out of Staten Island. He's constantly overseeing construction projects all over New York and New Jersey and negotiating deals in the 7-9 figure range. Through his business, Dom knows a lot of people in New York and has 'got a guy' for just about anything. Dom, along with his wife Janine, live on Staten Island with their seven children, including Dom's oldest daughter Jeannie who has managed to turn her own hustle into a thriving fashion business.

WATCH: Get to know Dom

Adolfo LaCola - "The Professor"
Adolfo is the intellectual in the group and the only one with a college degree. Adolfo earned respect in the hip hop community as co-owner of Ghostface Killah's record label, Starks Enterprises. He currently spends a lot of time in Los Angeles as well as New York with multiple business ventures on each coast, and is proud to be on the cutting edge of emerging markets.

WATCH: Get to know Adolfo

Big Ron Montana - "The Hustler"
Big Ron earned the nickname "The Hustler" as he is by far the biggest hustler of the crew. What he lacks in business degrees, he makes up for in street smarts and drive. Ron is an entrepreneur who has invested in multiple small businesses over the past decade. Ron is known for his loyalty and demands every deal be fair, letting everyone know if he doesn't think something adds up.

WATCH: Get to know Big Ron

Mike Palmer - "The Negotiator"
Mike, also known as "Moose," owns an auto repair and collision shop and is friends with everyone on the island. As the charmer and salesman of the group, Mike has a way of diffusing hostile situations and ultimately getting compromises and closing deals. Mike manages the groups' business relationships and serves as the voice of reason.

WATCH: Get to know Mike

Tony D - "Mr. Wall Street"
Tony D. is a Wall Street veteran with over 30 years of experience. He mentors and teaches a lecture series on investing, and is credited with training over eighteen thousand financial advisors. Tony focuses on whether or not the numbers make sense, takes care of the legal work, patents, contracts, professional business plans and often helps secure funding for many of their projects.

WATCH: Get to know Tony D

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