Genoptix Announces Termination of Merger Agreement with Rosetta Genomics and Now Focused on Next Steps

CARLSBAD, Calif., Feb. 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Genoptix, Inc., a leading oncology diagnostic laboratory announces that Rosetta Genomics ("Rosetta") was unable to secure the stockholder vote required to approve and consummate the acquisition, and consequently, the merger agreement has been terminated. Genoptix provided bridge loan financing to fund Rosetta that is secured by all of the assets of Rosetta.

"We were disappointed to learn that Rosetta's shareholders did not provide the votes necessary to approve the merger. However, we still believe in the value that the RosettaGX Revealä thyroid test and their other solid tumor testing services provide to physicians and patients worldwide. We will continue discussions with Rosetta on how best to preserve the value of these assets," said Joseph M. Limber, President and Chief Executive Officer of Genoptix.

About Genoptix, Inc.
Genoptix is a leading clinical oncology laboratory specializing in hematology and solid tumors, and operates one of the largest hematopathology centers in the U.S. It provides personalized and comprehensive diagnostic services to hematologists, oncologists and pathologists, with a specialization in diagnosing cancers and disorders in bone marrow, blood and lymph nodes, as well as in solid tumor workups using molecular testing. Through an integrated approach to case management, Genoptix delivers individualized, actionable results for each patient to help the referring physician make the best treatment decision. For more information, please visit www.genoptix.com.

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