Ford teams with Domino’s, Postmates in Miami to test delivery via autonomous vehicles

Key Points
  • Ford will test two fleets of vehicles in Miami as part of its self-driving car research.
  • Argo AI and Ford will test a fleet of Ford Fusion hybrids.
  • A second fleet made of a wider variety of Ford vehicles will test how customers interact and react to deliveries from Domino's and Postmates.

Ford Argo AI self-driving car
Source: Ford Motor Company

Ford is taking its fledgling autonomous-drive skills to South Beach.

The automaker expects to deploy two fleets of vehicles in the greater Miami area as it develops self-driving vehicles to carry people and goods.

The first fleet of vehicles will be Fusion Hybrid cars that Ford will test with Argo AI.

The second fleet, which will be made up of a wider variety of Ford vehicles, will test how customers interact and react to deliveries made by Domino's and delivery service Postmates.

For the test, the Ford vehicles will be driven by humans but they will not be interacting with customers. Domino's deliveries in the test program started in the Miami area last week.

"The last 50 feet of delivering goods is a real challenge," said Jim Farley, executive vice president and president of global markets for Ford. "This will help us better understand how customers interact with vehicles when there is a delivery by an autonomous-drive vehicle."

Ford has set a goal of having a fleet of autonomous-drive vehicles delivering goods on U.S. roads by 2021.

"Being in an urban area like Miami will really help us understand how our vehicles handle making deliveries in complex situations," said Farley. "There are double-parked cars, traffic diversions, deliveries being made to apartments."