Quantum Medical Transport, Inc. Releases $2M Dollars Stock Repurchase Plan

SUGAR LAND, TX , Feb. 28, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Quantum Medical Transport, Inc. (OTC PINK: DRWN) Quantum Medical Transport, Inc. recently announced in a letter to shareholders it plans to conduct a stock repurchase to restructure its o/s to build shareholder value. Management is currently not happy with the current share structure regarding the o/s. We believe it depresses the real value of the company. We inherited a lot of the float when we did our merger more than a year ago now. The stock repurchase plan would involve acquiring through open market purchases approximately 20% of the outstanding common share float. There will be no repurchases from company insiders, only the general public at large. We are allocating out of the private placement capital raise $2 Million towards these efforts. We have been contacted by many institutional investors requesting to make investment into the company between $5-15 Million via Reg. A offering which would be at a fixed price to be determined. We are considering the offers as a backup plan depending upon the outcome of our current private placement. Our thinking is we want to buyout the 3(a)10 debt holder to eliminate their opportunity to convert. We are doing a lot of forward thinking to determine the best means and process to accomplish our goals as a company and our stakeholders.

“We value of shareholders and look forward ways to align your interest with that of the company always, say Ricky Bernard, CEO”.

About Quantum Medical Transport / United Ambulance / QuantH

QUANTUM MEDICAL TRANSPORT, INC. /UNITED AMBULANCE, LLC is an emergency and non-emergency medical services transportation company that operates in the State of Texas. The Company provides basic and advanced life support ground transport in an emergency and non-emergency setting, 24 hours a day, and seven days a week. The Company makes both local and regional out-of-town services available on a daily dispatch basis.

Management remains focused on providing prompt, high-quality patient care at the Advanced and Basic Life Support levels. Employees will work diligently to achieve goals while maintaining the

highest standards of care. QuantH Medical Blockchain Technology will enable secure encryption data sharing (Health Information Data Exchange) via a distributed ledger, multisig key blockchain platform that will integrate with EHR/EMR practice software currently in use by most medical practices.

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Com-Guard.com provides software and hardware used for various PC security purposes, including Identity Theft protection, activity logging, folder and file protection, image analysis and program control.


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