Saving Corporate America: A Survival Guide for Greatness

NEW YORK, March 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The M&A Advisor today announced its latest publication, Saving Corporate America: A Survival Guide for Greatness. Developed in collaboration with Timothy Dempsey, an accomplished global industry sector book publisher, it will feature contributions in essay form, from the most successful restructuring, bankruptcy, turnaround and distressed investing professionals, published in a collective assembly on a dynamic multi-media platform.

Since 1998, The M&A Advisor has been profiling the proven strategies and unique experiences of leading restructuring, M&A and corporate finance experts. Today, The M&A Advisor reaches over 500,000 professionals in more than 60 countries with premier research, conferences and publishing.

"We are publishing Saving Corporate America – A Survival Guide for Greatness at a time when the future of the American corporation's competitiveness is in question. Technological advancements, growth of developing market capabilities and selective globalization strategies of Western markets, all threaten our country's advancement as a world business leader", stated David Fergusson, CEO of The M&A Advisor and Editor of the publication. He added, "Celebrated for the ingenuity, creativity and perseverance that has made them the best practitioners for struggling businesses across the world, the restructuring and turnaround professionals are the saviors that American business needs now more than ever."

Saving Corporate America features the experience and outlook from industry leaders on the most relevant subjects impacting business today, including: Industries on the Brink; Habits of the Best Distressed Investors; Municipal Financial Failure; Implications of Regulation on Restructuring; Disruptive Technologies and Distress; Cause and Effect of Activism; Globalization of Reorganization and Corporate Strategies for The 4th Industrial (Digital) Revolution.

In 2010, the book "Navigating Today's Environment: The Directors' and Officers' Guide to Restructuring" was published by Dempsey, featuring many of the leaders of our industry at that time including Wilbur Ross, Harvey Miller, William Repko, and Dominic DiNapoli. In today's highly disruptive market, business leaders face greater challenges for business stability than ever before. And, while many of the core restructuring industry principles remain, the issues and market leaders are ever evolving.

"As the architect and Consulting Editor of Navigating Today's Environment, the precursor to Saving Corporate America, we assembled the wisdom of leading dealmakers and their consiglieres to help directors and officers navigate their businesses through the post-financial crisis," said Jack Butler, Chief Executive Officer of merchant bank Birch Lake Holdings. Butler continued "With the pace of change accelerating so dramatically today and business stressors causing unanticipated challenges to success and even survival, businesses and their investors need visibility about how to mitigate stress and harvest opportunities in the volatile environment ahead. Saving Corporate America is a well-timed, dynamic initiative that I am proud to be associated with as a consulting advisor and contributor."

In preparation for the release of Saving Corporate America this Fall, The M&A Advisor editorial team is now engaging with market experts to contribute their valued insight. To learn more about the publication, visit www.savingcorporateamerica.com


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